Wednesday, September 2, 2009

News You Can Use

There are going to be a couple of changes around here in the next few days/weeks, my dearies.

I know. Brace yourselves.

First - I am getting a brand. new. blog. MAKEOVER!! From the fabulous krameymartin! (You too can obtain a krameymartin design original! Go here. Now.) I'm not sure you can really understand how excited I am about this. But suffice it to say, I'M REALLY EFFING EXCITED.

AND one of my birthday presents from my fabulous roommate taysaywhat is about to become a daily Green is the New Dots blog FEATURE. Whoa. Calm down. Don't give yourself a coronary. It IS pretty exciting. I shall call it: THE DAILY DOTS.

And what is this new fabulous daily feature you ask?? My daily entry in my very own shiny brand-new orange Keel's Simple Diary!! I KNOW.

AND - oh yes, there is more - yours truly has recently become a mobile advertising unit for my good friend lileturner's jewelry line! I'm even going to be posting pictures of MYSELF modeling some of her pieces here! On this very blog! And if you're good? I might just give you her contact information so you can get your own shiny baubles created by lileturner! I KNOW.

Today I wore (and sold) this one:

Ok. That's all the fun surprises I have for now.

So without further adieu...


Date: 09.02.09

Your day was: (only choose one)

(x) a U-turn

Explain why:
My day started out well. I was actually surprisingly chipper upon waking. And then it went downhill. Quickly. And I thought it was going to be another hellacious stunner. But! Then, just as suddenly, it turned back around and it has actually been a pretty tolerable day!

Feeling at home:
2. A mess of your own making, reassuring diversions to keep you busy and engaged in every corner.
Those of you that have seen my pictures on TWC know that my room sometimes (ok, usually) is a wreck. But at least it's my own mess. Right? RIGHT. And there are certainly plenty of diversions lurking in every corner.

Are you at peace with your hair?
(x) Yes - at least for now

With respect to your generosity:
b) some take advantage
But doesn't that happen to everyone?


  1. I am excited to see your new blog look!

    Also, I am very excited to see/read The Daily Dots!