Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MIA - Not Just Genovia's New Princess

I know - you've all been wondering where I've been. I'll tell you where I've been: I've been at work. Or at a bar. Or at the beach. And recently, not one of these locations have been what I would call "conducive" to visiting my wee blog over here.

Work? Nope. Been too busy working with the wysiwyg for our firm website to actually bother with my own! (rude.)

Bar? Dangerous. I know people IRL that read this - so it's best I'm not blogging while intoxicated. that's what Twitter is for.

Beach? Um. No. For several reasons: 1. booze. 2. sand. 3. booze.

So I thought I'd drop in to say "hello!" and just get a few things off of my chest and let you know what's been going on with me:
  1. I hate it when people have absolutely nothing to do with you until they need something.

  2. I hate it when people accuse you of doing things that they themselves are CONSISTENTLY guilty of: ie. "be mindful of how loud you are speaking of non-work related things." REALLY? REALLY??? hello pot, I'm kettle.

  3. I've recently agreed to train for a 1/2 marathon which occurs in December.

  4. Related to #3: I'll probably become crippled sometime soon.

  5. I'm going shopping tonight to buy myself several pair of the new GAP jeans. See pity party related to #s 1-4 above.

  6. I want a new car.

  7. I can't afford one.

  8. My alma mater was voted #71 in the country in the latest Forbes ranking.

  9. My diploma is a piece of paper that serves as decoration in my office. That's about all it's worth to me right now.

  10. I'm thinking of changing my name.

  11. To Ezmeralda.

  12. Not really. But it would be fun. Maybe I'll try it out this weekend.

  13. I can't meet a single man. Weird.

  14. By single man I don't mean I can't meet any. I mean they are ALL married. Or dating a supermodel. Oh, or they are entirely unattainable.

  15. Charleston's female to male ratio is like 20:1.

  16. At least as far as attractive people are concerned.

  17. I'm going to Athens this weekend! (Georgia)

  18. I'm super excited!!! I get to see my girls!!! And The Corduroy Road! Weeeee!

Ok. I think I'm done for now.



  1. Can I call you Ezme? That's pretty. Supermodels have nothing on you. ;-)

  2. My responses to you:

    1. Man you have no idea how I feel about this. I have been dealing with this one quite a bit recently.

    2. Also dealing with this one. Lame.

    3. You are braver than I am.

    4. But you will feel awesome when you finish. Well, maybe not right after, but the next day you will be able to tell everyone that you did it and they will be jealous.

    5. Try them all on. Fantastic.

    6. Me too.

    7. My fiancee says he will get me one if I can go three years without a speeding ticket (we will be married by then, so it's really still me getting my own car plus I am only on year one...knock on wood).

    8. I am scared to look where my alma mater is ranked on the list.

    9. I graduated in 2005, immediately misplaced my diploma, and I finally reordered it last spring.

    10. I'm thinking of keep my last name after I am married.

    11. Because my new last name will be super long.

    12. Not really. But I don't want my last name to start with an S (it currently starts with an F).

    13. It will happen when it is supposed to happen.

    14. I am so glad you posted like this because it gave me something to do at work! Besides work!