Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Daily DOTS - Ed. 2

Date: 09.03.09

Your day was (only choose one)
(x) sautéed

Explain why: I usually enjoy foods that are sautéed, assuming the item in question is tasty to begin with...those delightful morsels usually seem just right! And that was my day today. I worked, bought a new bed frame and headboard for my guest room from a fabulous furniture consignment shop (yay!), almost napped, walked/ran, had dinner out, did some laundry and scrubbed my kitchen! And then cleaned the rest of the downstairs of my house too! Weeeee!

You are great company: (x) Yes (x) No (depends on the day)

Luckily, you will never learn how to: scale a fish (I REFUSE)

b) To come and see it.

You want to learn how to: play tennis. My last tennis lesson was when I was 7 years old. I find this ridiculous. How will I ever be a LWL if I don't have my daily tennis game with my fellow LWLs???? (LWL = lady who lunches. obvi.)

You know more than you think. (x) Yes (at least I hope so)


  1. i can be in charge of your tennis lessons. easy peasy.

  2. I think the first official rule of the LWL is that you don't have to play tennis.

    Speaking of... where's our list of LWL Rules?