Monday, August 3, 2009

Zip it. OH WAIT, I CAN'T.

Dear Forever21:

I recently placed my first Forever21 order ever. I have heard good and bad things about you, Forever21. Including the fact that some of your items are sized quite inappropriately, that the quality isn't awesome, etc. Well I could expect all of that since, basically your clothing is disposable. You get what you pay for situation. I have to tell you, Forever21, I was so delighted when the skirt that Slynnro recommended was actually pretty well made - the linen was fairly weighty and the fit was just divine! I received so many compliments on your button linen skirt! I can't wait to wear it again!

It was love at first sight, Forever21. You did me right. Of course with this kind of success on my first item, I would have much success with the others as well! I've found a hidden gem! It's called Forever21 online! The next item in my order was this darling floral print skirt. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to wear today, so of course I picked that which was closest to me. This little dream that hadn't even been put in the closet yet! Perfect! Look at the flowers! So feminine! So flowy! So easy to put on with a sweater and walk out the door!

So here I go off to work in my darling floral swing skirt. Compliments galore! Everyone loves the floral! Everyone loves the color combo! Aren't I summer-time-office-climate appropriate and fun! Dots! You're such a fashion plate. Please, coworkers! I'm blushing!

Needless to say, Forever21...THIS is not the type of fashion statement that I am interested in making. I mean really??? The first time I wear this damn skirt and the zipper breaks? When I'm not even doing lunges or crazy breathing or wind sprints?? Just standing up causes a zipper to break? REALLY??

And I know what you're thinking, perhaps the skirt was too tight. It wasn't! I was comfortably zipped in for about 4 hours. Apparently that's the lifespan on this disposable clothing. And here I thought I would at least get 4 wears out of the damn thing. So now the zipper is stuck up at the top, it has split all the way down the side and I'll eventually have to cut myself out of this piece of shit. I'm trapped in a shitty skirt. Not to mention the fact that now I have the skirt pulled up so high that it's practically under my boobs. Why? so that I can pull my sweater down far enough to cover my EXPOSED FLESH.

And while we're on the subject of my exciting turned disappointing order - this jacket which you have deemed a "fabulous find"? Is the tiniest large I've ever seen. It must be a large for toddlers. It was so ridiculously small I gave it to my friend who usually wears a zero. That's right, a ZERO - and it fits her perfectly. If I'm now living in a world where a zero is the equivalent of a large, I'm going to bed and never getting out.

I haven't lost all hope on you yet, Forever21, but you should know that you've got one solid strike against you. (The fabulous linen skirt saved you from an additional 1/2 strike. You're welcome.)



  1. I'm down on Forever 21 at the moment right now as well. I really really really want this darling cardi they have online but I couldn't find it in either of the 2 stores I visited this weekend. So it is either buy the cardi and pay for shipping, or fill my cart to the $75 mark with possibly questionable items to avoid paying shipping. Or, you know, they could just HAVE THE ITEM IN STORES, but I guess that is too much to ask.


  2. Everything I get there wears out in like two washes. BLAH. It's good for trying out trends you aren't sure of though.

  3. Oh no! You fell victim to the Forever 21 curse!

  4. You can't win them all, Forever 21. And I recommend dry cleaning- washing these items is NOT GOOD.

  5. I love the first skirt so much!