Tuesday, April 7, 2009


That's right, people. I did it. I survived. Don't worry - I'm just as surprised as you are. The motivation for my running in the bridge run? Good old fashioned irritation. That's right. Piss me off and I'll do exactly what you allege I cannot. Or should not. At first I thought about registering for this year's bridge run because I have tried on several past occasions and just haven't done it, either due to injury or scheduling conflicts, or last year's " Hm, I think I'd rather go out and party at the 'I slept through the bridge run' parties. Thanks anyway." So this year I started thinking that I would do it. And then someone related to me, I'll not name names, made a comment something akin to "WHAT?????????" And that's all it took. Mind you, I did not train AT ALL, but I'll be damned , I was not going to let someone with that kind of response be proven right. And so I did it. SO THERE. HA.

And lo! There is proof! Part of me wants to email this to her:
But instead - I think I'll wait to order the picture of me crossing the finish line. Only wish I had thought to shoot the camera the bird. Oh well, I guess hindsight IS 20/20.
Also - you should know that while my time is not the fastest, I did run about 3 miles of the LONGEST 10K EVER. My running more than 1 mile is UNHEARD of. I can credit at least 1 mile of the 3 to some jackass that kept running up until he was about 10 feet infront of me and would then run backwards while looking for his girlfriend/wife. It was BEYOND IRRITATING. If you are worried about where she is - SLOW YOUR ROLL AND RUN WITH HER YOU ASSHAT. So in order to get away from him, I sped up. And considered tripping him in the process. My roommate, needless to say, was incredibly entertained.

SO the lesson for today? If you want me to do something, tell me I can't. Or just piss me off.


  1. Nice job! We are cut from the same cloth. Tell me I can't do something and that's a guarantee I'll do it. Juuuust to spite you. I've gotten better in the past few years, but if you're an ass about it... all bets are off.

    I definitely would have tripped the Asshat.

  2. ah haaaa. LOVE. i had some kid who as soon as i caught up with him would sprint. then at some point he would start walking, i'd catch up, and then he'd sprint. the whole length of the bridge. i wanted to trip the brat.

  3. pretty dang good time there, dots! for someone who hasn't trained? i am tres impressed.

    i was participating in the "slept thru the bridge run" party in columbia.

  4. Love it!!! You're amazing, Doll! xoxo

  5. Congrats on finishing!
    Now if I tell you you aren't capable of training properly for a race, will you prepare for it next time? :)