Friday, May 1, 2009

We'll call it "The Beaches"

People, I have proof. TWO examples that have become apparent in just the last few days (though there are hundreds more):

I give you Exhibit A:

"While celebrities often babble on and on about how they want nothing on their bodies too fleshy or fat, they aren't talking about their faces. The latest beauty trend seen on the red carpet is chunky cheeks. It's called "pillow face," and it's a term used to describe faces that are soft and round. It's popular because, no-brainer, cheeks hollow out with age, so rounder faces signify youth. Take Nicole Kidman, whose arms and legs are thin but whose cheeks are puffy and full. Same with Catherine Zeta-Jones. "A pretty youthful face has fullness in the cheeks, like Disney's Pocahontas," says Dr. Michael Prager, a Dallas plastic surgeon. "An older plain face has it in the jaw, like Shrek." The message here: Emaciated faces are for old hags, chubby cheeks are for youthful women. Either you look like Pocahontas or Shrek. Is there no happy medium? Because as of right now, we refuse to equate ourselves with ogres and pillows."


I always KNEW I was going to be famous one day. I could always tell. And now I know why - because these cheeks? They were not just formed yesterday. Oh no, my friends. They have been around for approximatley 25 years, 8 months and a few days (totally not doing that math now).

and now...

I give you Exhibit B:

"She loves the '80s! A retro Kim Kardashian (check out her headband and leg warmers!) shares a sweet moment on wheels with fellow reality star Kelly Osbourne on Wednesday during the Pepsi Throwback launch party at the World on Wheels in Los Angeles."


We were at the rink a whole 2 weeks before Kim K. and Kelly O. Lauren Conrad was there with them too. Are you noticing a trend? All of these people either have or have had their own reality shows. Do you know what that tells me?


Proof enough? I think so.

Have a fabulous weekend! I'll be living it up before the cameras are following me around 24/7...


  1. LOL this is hilarious. so meant to be famous.

  2. Way to go with your skate-trendsetting! :)