Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where my dogs at?

So I've been gone for awhile. I didn't forget I had a blog (though my 3 readers probably did), I just didn't have anything of particular interest to write about that I didn't already cover in under 140 characters. However, yesterday - the day when I finally started to feel like a human again (post-sinus infection) - I saw this on my firm's unofficial bulletin board:

These puppies are 6 weeks old and are a mix of Jack Russell and Boston Terrier. They are here in Mt. Pleasant and free to a good home. They aren't in rescue, but my friends and fellow rescuers are trying to network to get them homes. 2 males, 2 females.

Now, keep in mind, my mother has a boston terrier (who is the love of my life), my alma mater's mascot is a boston terrier, I LOVE BOSTON TERRIERS. Not to mention the fact that I love all dogs in general. And I don't have one. Why? Good question: Because I don't think I'm ready for a child at this, my 25th year. But after seeing those little faces and the free price tag?? I was seriously reconsidering my decision. The little pup faces were all it took to melt my teeny tiny blackened heart. I thought a lot about it last night and was still mulling it over in my slightly doped-up (thanks doc!) head this morning when I open my google reader and this was shared by one of my lovely friends. ZOMG. It's a SIGN. I'm supposed to HAVE A DOG. RIGHT NOW. I even had my argument outlined and tabbed with yellow sticky notes to take on both my roommate (who prefers very large drooling/shedding types of dogs - no thank you, I prefer my house to remain standing/drool free) and my mother who seems to think that just because I'm a legal adult and pay bills and manage to dress myself and get to work every. single. day. all on my own (!) that I am incapable of making any decision (at least a correct one) without her help. (Oh hi, Mom!)

So the time has come for yours truly to get a dog. Huzzah! I check the posting for the name of the contact and what do I see? An update? Hm. Heart tempo picks up...stomach feeling a little tense...shoulders take position next to ears...and...

Three are spoken for, the little black one is left and there is some interest in him. There's been a lot of interest generated by everyone forwarding the email.


Alone again.


Bring on the vodka and dogsitting. Back to reality.


  1. Oh, they are so cute. You should contact them anyway, just in case. People always flake out!

  2. Nooo! So sad! I still think you should adopt a dog. My little guy has totally brightened up every day he has been in our lives. Dogs are the greatest.

  3. I got all jacked up recently to get a dog, and mine was taken away (er, kept by its original owner) from me too.
    In time, my dear, in time. But didn't PW's entry just tear at your heart? Loved it.