Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Facts About My Office

As I am sure you may have heard (or even participated in) there is a meme sweeping the internets called "25 Random Facts About Me". I want in on the action (read: I want an easy post since I apparently can't think of anything to say), however I'm not really interested in doing a lot of introspection. I do way too much of that as it is, and frankly I think it would just frustrate me if I didn't think I could entertain the masses with my 25 points of randomness. I don't know that I would even be able to come up with 25 things that I would consider actually posting (I mean, my parents might stumble upon this blog one day) - so I have therefore decided that I will list 25 random facts about my office! My personal workspace! You may find this incredibly boring. I probably would too if I were you, but what can I say, I haven't posted in awhile and frankly, I'm bored. So! Here we go!
  1. My office has four walls and a door. You may not find that impressive, but a lot of people in my building do.
  2. The walls and door allow me to gossip with coworkers with no one else hearing. A lot. People with cubicles get caught. Not me.
  3. A little chotchke sits on my desk that says: "I don't repeat gossip, so listen carefully."
  4. My college diploma hangs on the wall to remind me that my $100,000 education really wasn't worth it.
  5. A Happy Bunny calendar hangs on my bulletin board. February says "me + me" with a heart around it. Appropriate.
  6. There is an unhealthy collection of tervis tumblers stacked up around here.
  7. My monitor faces away from the door. Hi Twitter! Hi Jcrew! Hi Google Reader! Mwhahaha.
  8. My at-a-glance calendar has not been updated since November.
  9. My files are obsessively labeled.
  10. My plant has been dying for the last 2 years.
  11. Greeting cards (that come to me here) are posted on my bulletin board - my personal favorite: "She said 'That's a lot of money to spend on a purse," and I knew we couldn't be friends."
  12. The ladies bathroom is on the other side of my back wall.
  13. My office is perpetually engulfed in the sound of flushing and toilet paper rolling.
  14. This sits on a bookshelf out of plain sight, but there nonetheless. *sigh*
  15. Post-its sitting on my desk that are frequently used (gifts from my boss and one from a friend) include: a) "100% Goddess", b) " '________________________,' said the princess." and c) "If by 'working out' you mean marathon shopping, why yes I do."
  16. Hanging directly inside my door and peering down the hall is an upcloseandpersonal picture of a grasshopper's face captioned: "WHAT. This had BETTER be important."
  17. My offices holds a lot of binders. And bankers boxes. And files. And expandables. And tervis tumblers (as previously mentioned). And coffee cups. And pens. And more pens.
  18. I have a dry erase board on the front of my desk (from my roommate) that says, "That's what she said" - you would be surprised how many coworkers don't get that reference.
  19. I keep my trash can 3 to 4 feet away from me so I can practice my bball skillz from my desk. Sometimes my trash ends up in the hall. Tough.
  20. I have all of my passwords for lexis nexis, pacer, etc. neatly typed and hanging on the bulletin board. But I don't look at them - I have them all memorized.
  21. My "personal stuff" drawer holds a bottle of maple syrup, a container of oatmeal, stationary, remnant pieces of wrapping paper and nail polish remover. And an ipod shuffle.
  22. I have enough personal information on several people in here to steal all of their identities and never get caught. But I wouldn't do that! Unless they cross me. Ha! I'm just kidding. Sort of.
  23. I use spiral notebooks. My office is being overrun by them. Everyone else uses legal pads. They just don't understand.
  24. Ten of my offices could fit into one of Crist's. Claustraphobia!!
  25. People like to visit my office and rearrange my guest chair and candle that says "what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?". Know what I would attempt to do if I knew I couldn't fail? Glue my candle to my desk and bolt my chair to the floor. THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON BECAUSE I LIKE IT THERE AND I AM ANAL RETENTIVE OK?

So I'm guessing that by reading about my office you can learn random things about me as well. And there goes the toilet flushing.


  1. No mention of trying on clothes in your office?

  2. What's wrong with legal pads? Except that the pages always fall out, I mean.

  3. @crist so true: 26. My office doubles as a fitting room on occasion.

    @anon that is why i hate them! the pages fall out and it makes me so ANGRY.

  4. I have many a binder in my office, too!

    This was a fun twist on the 25 random list.

  5. I AM impressed by your four walls! Having only ever worked in CubeVille (and now from home, on my couch), I only ever dreamed of a real, big-girl office ;-)