Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas come early

Today is the last day that almost all other employees are going to be in my office because they had the luxury of taking off all of tomorrow. Many of the smart ones didn't work today either. Unfortunately, I am not one of the lucky ones, and I will be at work tomorrow until 12:01pm, at which point I will run, not walk, out of my building and hit the road to mom and dad's. Whilst running errands for the mom all the way.

Because this is the last time that these people will see me before Christmas, they come bringing the gifts. Keep in mind, that I have already distributed my hand-made jewels to the women, which turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself, and homemade delicacies to the men. The men never let me down on the reciprocation of gifts: two gave me a bottle of wine and one gave me cash - he's like my dad at work and I literally gave him a hug. Anyway, the women are the ones you have to watch out for. You would think that after receiving a Green is the New Dots original work of beaded art that they would put at least a little bit of thought into a gift. I'm not trying to sound like a brat, really, I would rather someone NOT get me a gift than to present me with something that I not only have no idea what it is, but what in the HELL I'm supposed to do with it.

Enter, the fairy. This picture doesn't even do this thing justice. While you may think looking at this picture that all of the fabric flowing around the fairy is wrapping, oh no, my internet friends, that is all actually attached to this porcelain fairy thing. With string hair.

The lovely lady that gave it to me usually has a great eye for gifts. She gave me the fabulous blinking necklace as seen here. She is a great dresser, always wearing JCrew or something equally stunning, but yet - here we have a 'mermaid-fairy-princess' which I am supposed to use to decorate my tree at home or my desk at work.

She was even in my office a few minutes ago highlighting the perks of this piece of work to another of our co-workers pointing out 'isn't it sooo cute, and isn't it great that it is not Christmas-specific so it can be displayed all year?' SHIT people. This woman has basically just told me that she expects to see this damned thing in my office ALL YEAR ROUND. As if the people in my firm don't think I'm crazy enough as it is, now I'm going to have to display THIS? AWESOME.

I'll keep you updated on what happens when the owner of the firm comes by and sees this thing. He'll think I've gone 'round the bend and fire me from being his dog-sitter (because would you want someone with this displayed in their office in your home taking care of your animals?? I think not.), thus I will lose my additional source of income and be forced to stop shopping. DAMMIT.

Well, at least it might help my chances of winning Slynnro's fabulous holiday giveaway???

Stay tuned.

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