Thursday, October 1, 2009

A look into my grey matter

This is what I call a "I have nothing really interesting to say, so I'll just tell you what myriad of thoughts are running through my head at any given moment," blog post. It's your lucky day!

1. It's finally beginning to feel like fall and I am so excited that I can barely stand it. I have been avoiding going to the mountains with my parents for the past oh...10 years? But this fall? I asked them if I could go too. My father nearly fell out of his chair. No really. I just can't wait to get up in the Smoky Mountains to see the leaves changing and go apple picking and wear boots and sweaters and jeans and maybe even a jacket?! Poor parents. I'm totally using them.

2. There is a drawer in my desk that keeps opening by itself. And it scares the shit out of me every. single. time. It just did it a few minutes ago and I gasped. Poltergeist? Perhaps.

3. Last night we were out celebrating the birth of my fabulous friend Mackall and ended up in what I shall refer to as a "Shady Shit-hole." Sharing all background information is imperative. Not really, I just wanted to type Shady Shit-hole. Twice. Anyway, there was this little girl - couldn't have been older than 19 - who was walking/dancing/stumbling around bragging about how she picked up this other girl in the ladies room. Which was evident, since they were all over one another. Now. Really? If someone started to come on to me in a bathroom I would be quite disgusted. Then again I wouldn't be making out all over the Shady Shit-hole (three times!) either, so perhaps I'm just a prude. There's a bar on Folly that has communal bathrooms (boys AND girls! weee!) with individual stall/rooms and a trough-like sink. There are plenty of opportunities to talk to someone if you so desire, but people just do there business and get out of there. Why in the HELL would you want to pick someone up IN A BATHROOM? Add that to the list of things not belonging in a public restroom. Didn't think it was necessary to write a list but apparently it is. So I shall:

Things that don't belong in public restrooms:
  1. food
  2. anything that could contain food
  3. anything that will in the future contain food
  4. cigarette smoke
  5. illegal narcotics (who in the HELL thought it would be good idea to SNORT something off of a TOILET???? a. drugs are bad, b. OMG YOU'RE SNORTING IT OFF OF A TOILET IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM. BLARRRGGGG)
  6. sexual activity (Really. Get a room.)
  7. unattended children
  8. pickup lines

4. As you may know, Crist is getting married (hi, Crist!) and it's super fun to "help" her look for things online. Things like illegal narcotics, unattended children and pickup lines. I kid! I kid! FUN things! Legal and appropriate things! Like wedding dress designers! And floral fun! WELL. Miss Crist saw a dress that she really liked featured on Style Me Pretty, but could not get a response from anyone regarding the designer of said gorgeous dress. So I did what any good friend would do, I tracked down the bride on Facebook and asked her. Turned out to be her sister in law, but whatever, we got the info that we needed. And in the process, I found my wedding dress. Number 3704. Granted, I'm not getting married any time soon, but I was a Girl Scout. Always prepared.

5. My roommate is moving out this weekend. She's leaving me to go be on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. (or maybe she's just moving to Atlanta?) I'm very sad to see her go. And, I'm going to try to be an adult and not trip her on her way out the door. Or let the air of the truck's tires. Or have unpacked all of her belongings while she sleeps.

6. I'm going to stay with Crist in three weeks! We're going to be LWLs in Columbia! And go to the football game! And I'll get to wear jeans and boots and maybe a jacket and get all drunk on beer! (priorities, people.)

7. Because my roommate is moving out I will now be paying my mortgage all by myself. This means no shopping. Anyone have any insight as to winning lottery numbers? Or a good therapist? Maura, Kristin - I have 2 rooms open. Move to Charleston. It's fun!

8. I might get to go to Australia and Fiji next June for FREE. (free to me, anyway) I may not stop talking about it between now and then. Advanced apologies.

9. I really, really want a Flip. SO FUN.


  1. 1. jeans and boots? what happened to a dress and boots?
    2. not only did you find your dress (and an apparent love of boleros) (and boas) but i might have found mine!
    3. fuji and australia?

  2. I like you. And your drawer is possessed. Sorry.

  3. There are so many things that doen't belong in a public restroom. Me for instance.