Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Daily Dots, Ed. 6

Date: 09.07.09

Your day was (only choose one)
(x) making a fist

Explain why: See naïve thought from 09.06.09.

An odd neurosis that emerges before you go on a journey: fear of tire blow-outs. I've only had a blow-out once. And it really wasn't that traumatic, but now every time I'm driving 100+ miles I have this deep-seeded fear that my tire will blow and my car will flip and then there I'll be. Hanging upside down from my seat belt with no one to cut me out. Sigh.

Some dream of a white Christmas, while you are dreaming of a/an REAL vacation. Away from Charleston. To somewhere fun. And different. Like Portland. Or Mexico. Or anywhere in California. Or NEW YORK.

Somehow people don't return
a) sweaters

Your all-time favorite brand: Jcrew. But they are in serious danger of being bumped. GAP is on the rise and is fast approaching a takeover.

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  1. I love that you are blogging daily these days :)