Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Daily Dots, Ed. 15

Date: 09.16.09

Your day was (only choose one)
(x) fresh

Explain why: Today, I received in the mail, my very first Filofax (in Raspberry!). And I am BEYOND excited. I've already started organizing my entire life and color-coding my entries. With my brand new Sharpie pens! Green is for social outings, black is for notes, blue is for work-related entries and red is for Junior League. (Any bets on how long the color coding will last? Taysaywhat isn't even giving me 24 hours.) Such a great day! (also? NERD ALERT)

Generally, you could be called a winner. (x) Yes

Who is usually a loser? Unfortunately, guys I date.

Do children like you? (x) Yes

If yes, how so? They think I am just a taller version of themselves. Due to my dewy complexion, obvi. And because I don't take myself too seriously. Or maybe it's just because they think they can get away with anything? Or because I usually come bearing gifts? I have no problem bribing children. None at all.

Something you find boring: drafting pleadings

Who needs to go away for a while? Me. To Philadelphia. To meet Reid. Because he doesn't appear to be a loser. (Progress!)

Who needs to come back soon? Kungfuvonny. And she is! Next weekend!

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