Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So Obviously I'm Full of Shit

Since my last post was February 7, and it's entitled "more extensive posting to come soon" ... and it's now July 19, let's just surmise that I'm either full of it, a liar, or lazy. Or it could just be that I have had a lot going on. Or all of the above. Some of you may follow me on the Twitter, in which case, you'll be familiar with some of these goings on, but maybe not.

Let's catch up, shall we?

Horton - yes, he is very attractive.

  1. I got out of a year long relationship not long after my last post. It was difficult for about a week. And then I got over it. Which really says a lot about the quality of that relationship, doesn't it?
  2. The same day that happened, about two hours later, I adopted the little fellow above (can you say trade-up?).
  3. A few months after that I met someone new. A man that is actually a really amazing person that I have so much fun with.
  4. He doesn't do a lot of social-media-ing, and as I actually really respect him and I think he'd like to remain anonymous, I won't be sharing his identity. But let's call him the Captain for fun. As he has a boat. (Pretty handy, eh?)
  5. The Captain and I have been doing lots of boating and beaching over the past couple of months, and this past weekend...we went CAMPING. That's right, friends. I'm outdoorsy: 

Impressive photo-shopping, yes?
I did not catch a fish. I did catch a buzz.
So, that about sums it up. Other than the mundane, albeit highly necessary, working, that is pretty well all I've been up to this summer. Friends, family, Horton, and the Captain.

What about you? Anything new and exciting? Are you even still out there?



  1. Well, I haven't blogged in almost as long - and my comments have been sucking as well, but since you made the effort to blog, I thought I'd make the effort to comment:

    So happy for you - and I adore Horton. Fell in love with him when you first posted his pic on Twitter and I'm so happy he's brought a smile to your face. And as far as the Captain - he looks damn cute for a guy with a heart plastered on his face. :)

  2. Yay for a new man! I want to hear all about him!!