Friday, February 26, 2010

This started out well...and, hell I don't know.

I. Have met. A Man.

I know. You're just as shocked as I am. I was beginning to think that I really wouldn't meet anyone...ever...that I was interested in spending more than five minutes with. But this one? He's different. He's sarcastic. REALLY sarcastic. And he's kind. And cute. REALLY cute. He's a man, not a boy. And it's quite possible he's someone who could stand to be around me for more than a few days. Which is a miracle in and of itself.

So here I am, at the beginning of a possibility. And I'm excited. And scared shitless. And I'm really trying to be cautious and to "take it slow." But I've never been very good at that. Thank God for my WAVERLIES (there are six different hyperlinks there. read all of them. that was kind of a pain in the ass to do. Seriously.). Have you all been partaking in the beauty that is Google Wave? Well, you should. It's the greatest thing that's happened to me since Al Gore invented the internet. Let me know if you need an invite. And then maybe you too can be one of my Wave besties. Maybe. Anyway, so my internet support group is super helpful and is going to keep me from falling head over heels too soon. Hopefully. If they can. I think.

So other than being busy swooning over the MAN, I've not really been up to too much, but in case you're wondering:
  • I survived SNOWMAGGEDON. In Charleston, the definition of snowmaggedon is: 3 inches of snow. Some of which may or may not have stayed on the ground in shady spots in the two days following the Snowpocalypse. When the temperature reached 60 degrees. For rals. (That one's for you, Tina.)
  • Crist has made plans to come visit me twice. And has had to cancel twice. I'm getting a complex.
  • I gave up shopping for Lent.
  • I still have not been shopping. That's 9 whole days.
  • I've deleted approximately 8,351,867,938 sale emails from ideeli, Gilt Groupe, Rue La La and every store this side of Mars.
  • Sneaky Tina and I are totally making "fetch" happen.
  • Bite me, Mean Girls.
  • I am most likely going to see the Man tonight. Two nights in a row!
  • Someone find me something to wear. In my own closet. I gave up shopping, remember?
  • Meg from 2birds1blog got fired. Keep reading their blog. Or start. She and Chris are teh awesome.
  • This list has not really turned into a what I've been up to list.
  • It's more a what I'm thinking about right now list.
  • Whatever.
  • Come to think of it, you should be reading MODG too. That bitch is hella funny.
  • And also ALME. She is random as shit. And I love it.
  • And I could keep going with telling you other blogs to read. But I just got bored reading my own post. So I'm going to end it now.
  • But seriously, figure out what I should wear. You have 5 hours. GO.


  1. That was the most impressive hyperlinking I've ever seen. Bravo!

  2. And by 'boy', I really meant man! :)

  3. how's everything going with the boy? what did you wear?

  4. things are going well! thanks girls!

  5. i would just like to note that i am not a flake and that not only has snowmagedden kept us apart but so has a broken furnace.