Thursday, January 28, 2010

So I go MIA for awhile and Google thinks I'm in Luxury Rehab?

WTF Google.

(Thanks to jcristg for the screen-grab. Again I say, WTF?)

Clearly I need to be blogging more if Google is going to start placing ads for Luxury Drug Rehab when I'm not looking. What content on this blog is leading them to think that people who read it (hi, to all 7 of you!) are going to click through to learn more about rehab? Do you all have something going on that you're not telling me about? I know I'm behind on my Reader, but surely you're not all free-basing when I'm not looking, right?

So other than being away from the blog for awhile, and according to Google Ads developing some sort of drug problem, I'm sorry to say that there really isn't anything that exciting going on over here in Dotsville.

I did redecorate a few rooms in my house, which was pretty exciting for me, but I'm sure you could give a shit about that. My new washer and dryer were finally delivered, to my extreme elation and that of those around me. It's nice to not have to buy new clothes every week. Which is totally going to stop now.


So, other than just living my day-to-day sometimes boring, sometimes drunken existence, I have been thinking a lot about where I want to be at the end of 2010. Not necessarily geographically, but location does take up a lot of my thinky time right now. I love Charleston, it's an amazing and beautiful city - you should all come visit and we'll go out and get wine-faced - but I think that for once in my life I might actually be ready for a new adventure. And not just in the very cerebral "oh wouldn't it be great if I did _______ or if one day I could move to _____ for a year." So basically what I'm saying is - The Dots might be coming to a city near you! At least for a visit. Anyone have a couch I can crash on? No, really.

So - life changes, like shopping or luxury rehab: Expensive, but worth it.

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