Monday, September 14, 2009

The Daily Dots, Ed. 13

Date: 09.14.09

Your day was (only choose one)
(x) corn on the cob

Explain why: My day looked good to start with, was a painful experience during the consumption but delicious looking back at it. (Like corn on the cob, obvi.)

They relentlessly try to get me down.

This demands more perseverance: becoming Rachel Zoe's best friend.

It takes courage
b) to return a T-bone steak. or anything. I've worked in food and bev. Cooks get REALLY ANGRY when you return food. I don't want to be pissing anyone off having anything to do with something I'm consuming. No thank you.

What you might proclaim despite the consequences: I ADORE RACHEL ZOE. I DIE.

Failure is unavoidable. (x) Yes

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